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Living in New York for school, I have stepped off the curb in front of a fair amount of bikes causing myself and the biker to yelp in panic. Biking in NYC is not for the faint of heart. I love watching people dodge the taxis and tourists and clueless pedestrians like myself. My favorite memory of bikers in the city was when I was walking home from work, a woman was hailing a cab on 6th Ave. As she held her hand out to signal for a taxi, a passing biker gave her a high five. She couldn't help but burst into the biggest smile, and it definitely brightened my day. Here's to you, NYC bikers! "New York is a bike-friendly place where anyone can hop on a 2-wheeled vehicle and zip right past the taxis and all around town. In a city where all kinds of people sport all kinds of bikes, photographer Sam Polcer decided to document the wide range of personalities across the five boroughs in his series, called Preferred Mode. Each of his portraits stylishly portrays urban riders in their leather jackets, T-shirts, or business suits standing alongside their selected mode of transportation. His colorful collection conveys the unique and expressive individuality of each NYC resident and was recently published by Prestel publishing as a book titled New York Bike Style. "I fell in love with biking here in New York City," explains Polcer. "Once you realize what biking in New York can do for you as a New Yorker - being able to explore places that you wouldn't normally explore, get places faster, see neighborhoods better, meet cool people, and do that without having to struggle on the subway, or taking buses, or taking cabs, or getting stuck in traffic - It opens the city to you in a way that nothing else can."
@caricakes I love your memory of a cyclist high-fiving a woman hailing a cab! What a great memory. These images are so great, and it really shows us how diverse bicyclists are, and how happy bicycling makes them!
@caricakes you always post such fun stuff!
Rad! Loving these bikes. That old guy in the 8th picture is stylin!
@rajvi1 Thanks!! @dillonk Bicyclists certainly have a lot of character hahaha