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ilove him so much :))
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Sorry. You cant love him more then me. And. Yea. Were secretly engaged. Marriage is in a week. You are welcome to come!!!
@Imhexo, you're too late. I always introduce him as my second husband.
@dramacrazy whatever you would like to think! At least my oppa knows i exist. Has my husband ever wrote you something? Umh. I didnt think so. Plus its not to possible your married. We sleep together every night. Oh yea SECOND HUSBAND. cough cough. What. A . Cough. SLUT
@Imhexo, I'm going to assume that you're a teenager and forgive you for your lack of manners, social etiquette, education. you shouldn't call someone (me) a "SLUT". Do you know me personally? NO! Maybe you were trying to be funny, but it wasn't it. It was RUDE and you offended me. this is a forum/venue where people who like Korea, kpop, kdramas can share those likes and of course we tend to fantasize about our biases, am. right/wrong? Before you respond, take a moment to reflect. Have a great rest of the summer and God bless.
I love him too! I miss seeing him in new dramas! he is just drop dead gorgeous! oh...I'm swooning over him again...sigh...only he can do this to me!!!!