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iOS Development with Swift: Apple’s Programming Language of the Future
The Swift programming language is making huge waves in the world of iOS App development. Its popularity over the prevalent Objective-C can be attributed to the relative ease of avoiding programming errors and additional features like bug detection and higher programming speed. All about iOS Development with Swift Apple Inc designed the compiler-based Swift. It was made to develop apps compatible with Apple devices. Swift is quickly being adopted as the industry standard. Built as an alternative, Swift has several benefits over the preceding Objective-C. The standout feature is its open-source nature, allowing it to be used on different non-Apple platforms like Linux. Global Trends on Swift Programming Language Apple’s latest programming language venture is firmly cementing its position in terms of popularity among programmers, according to research conducted by StackOverflow in 2018. With 8.1% votes, Swift was the 14th “most popular programming language”. A significant achievement, considering the fact that it did not exist ten years ago. It had also secured the 6th position as the “most-loved” language among programmers. If we consider the search analytics data of language tutorials by Google Trends, Swift occupies the 9th rank in the PYPL(Popularity of Programming Language) Index. Proficient Swift developers also enjoy attractive remuneration for their services, often surpassing the more popular languages (JS, Java, C#, or Python). The demand for Swift language proficiency has skyrocketed in 2020. There are over 6,000 job openings in the USA, and an average annual salary of $125000 as per the recruitment website Indeed. Rankings-wise, it occupies the 2nd position, trailing only behind Ruby. History Here is all you need to know about the history of the Swift programming language. Swift was created by Chris Lattner and was launched worldwide in June 2014. Swift was brought over to the open-source platform in December 2015. There have been periodic Swift version updates- Swift 1.0,1.1(2014); 1.2, 2.0, (2015); 3.0 (2016); 4.0 (2017); 4.1 (2018); 5.0, 5.1(2019); 5.2(2020). Over six hundred worldwide coders have been tirelessly working- enhancing the scope of Swift. The updated Swift 5.3 arrived on September 16, 2020. Swift codes were first hosted at Github. Being open-source, anyone can obtain the code. Programmers can also build or contribute back to language development. Compatibility with Ubuntu’s Linux has existed since Swift 2.2. The 5.2.4 version saw accessibility with CentOS and Amazon Linux. The iPad-only app titled Swift Playgrounds appeared worldwide in 2016. It had a 3-D-video game-like interface. The aim was to teach beginners how to code with Swift. Read more on ios development with swift apples programming language of the future
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