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The Mojo rig is a version of the Carolina rig that's aimed at getting more finesse out of your setup. I've already talked about some adjustments for the Carolina rig here (, but I recently tried the Mojo rig out since the waters are getting hot already, and slowing down the bass. The Mojo rig is a carolina rig, but you only have to tie one knot, and there's a lower chance of loosing both your weight and your hook with this set up. First you'll need a mojo weight--which is a cylindrical weight. Tie it on the line, but don't pull the loop the whole way through. Add some rubber band or skirt material and pull it into the weight to "peg" it in place. Then cut off any extra material. Decide how long you want your leader, and tie a hook on the end. You can use any lure at the end, but I found that using a worm with a cylindrical head, as suggested in the video above, helps this rig a lot. The point of this rig is to be able to go through some heavy grass coverage and do what we call "finesse fishing." You can pull this rig through the grass, and if you get caught up, a slight tug should pull the weight and hook through. If it's still caught, a bit more tugging will break off the hook, and you can simply slide the lure up the line a bit farther and restring a new hook. This rig works best in hot weather and heavy grasses, and on a light line and hook .If you use a heavier line or hook set up, you're not going to be able to break free of the weeds as easily. Check out the video to see a real example of how to tie this rig! Lines tight, everyone.
@fallingwater there are some basic mods you can make to all rigs to make it easier to keep your lure, but sometimes those modifications will make the rigs less effective.
@mcgraffy interesting~~~ aiiiii I still have so much to learn ^^ lol
Are there variations for every rig tyoe that makes it less likely to lose your lure? because I think I should always set up that way haha.....