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While is an official map for Panem that was made for the movies in collaboration with Suzanne Collins, the book's author, a while back, I still am not totally satisfied with it! Before this version came out, and even since then, there have been a lot of fan-made maps of Panem. These are my four favorites. Which do you think is most accurate? Slide 1: Panem by aimmyarrowshigh @ livejournal Slide 2: Panem by Maria Rizzoni Slide 3: Panem by unknown Slide 4: Panem by Kelso895 on deviantart
@timeturnerjones Exactly. And even books that give a lot of details describing the world don't give every detail, so they'll have to be creative as well!
@greggr That can be a really good exercise since they'll have to pay close attention to important, defining details, right?
I'm not very interested in the Hunger Games, but my students are. Perhaps I should have them try to create their own maps for the series we read.
@onesmile I didn't even notice that at first look!! I guess I love #1 for a similar reason; it is so detailed and was created based on a lot of research.
@onesmile They read up on what the US might look like after a natural disaster/set of wars, and then also took all the details from the books about what kind of land the districts had and then drew out this map. They really read up on it! Oops, let me fix that tag :)
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