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At this rate, if Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin don’t reunite in a drama this year, I’m going to be majorly pissed off! Shinhwa leader and lead actor Eric (Spy Myung Wol) returns to dramas after three years in KBS’s upcoming drama Discovery of Romance (also known as Finding True Love). He’ll be playing Kang Tae Ha, the CEO of an interior design company who will most likely discover romance with his ex played by Jung Yumi (I Need Romance 2012) who is a furniture designer with a new boyfriend. Discovery of Romance is written by Jung Hyun Jung of the I Need Romance series which is not surprising given that the woman in the middle of the love triangle will have to choose between an old love and a new one. One of the major complaints from I Need Romance fans was that the writer would make us fall in love with the second lead (usually the new love) then have the lead go back to her ex. She managed to break the curse in the final installment where almost no one was rooting for the second lead and everyone was glad that she ended up with the one who knew her first (who wasn’t her ex). Jung Yumi and Eric previously worked together on the arguably controversial MBC drama Que Sera Sera in 2007. It started off as a romantic comedy with hot kisses then took an interesting turn. Something everyone could agree on was that there was nice sexual chemistry between the leads as exhibited in these scenes: (start at 8:25) A writer who likes writing kisses + actors who don’t mind kissing each other = happy pervy viewers. I want to say that this is following the recent trend of old loves reuniting (Cunning Single Lady, Emergency Couple) but I honestly think this writer just enjoys writing this scenario even if she dresses it up differently every time. Who will play the second lead and will he be a scene stealer? The answer to these questions will determine if this drama will give us the knock-down, drag-out shipper war of 2014. Discovery of Romance is scheduled to air after Trot Lovers in August.
@MasriDaniela yeah I know sis and me start join watching and be a big fan to him
@MasriDaniela join u sis in watching this drama
hurrrraaaayyyyyy can't wait ....<3
u know @christy sis .....i love Eric Rain Binnie & ................many many others .....my heart is soooo big ...hehehehehe