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"Fated to Love You": Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara Are Together Again

Photos of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara‘s initial shooting scenes are the latest dangling carrot from the production of Fated to Love You. They filmed the scene in a Mapo-gu shopping mall in Seoul, and it might be depicting the day their characters first met because of a dog. Their characters couldn’t be more different in terms of style: the tycoon Lee Gun boasts a fancy blue suit (and that hair) while Kim Mi Young is geek chic with her full-rimmed round glasses. The chemistry the Jangs had in 2002′s Successful Story of a Bright Girl seems to be alive and well 12 years later in this reunion project; needless to say, expectations are still high for the drama to find the same kind of popularity as the original Taiwanese version. Let’s show it some love when the first episode airs in July!
successful story of a bright girl
so cute romcom drama
What was their first drama together ?can anyone tell me ?
can't wait to watch a much improved Jang Hyuk opposite Jang Nara!
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