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The first teaser for SBS’s upcoming drama about revenge, love and ambition following the main characters from the ’70s through the ’90s has dropped. Hwang Jung Eum’s character witnessed her mother’s death and seeks revenge. She and Ryu Soo Young’s characters are in love. Ryu Soo Young plays the ambitious elder son of a poor family. He meets a general played by Cha In Pyo who wants him to marry his daughter. I bet that won’t go over well with his girlfriend. Jung Kyung Ho plays the hot-headed younger brother who’s in love with his brother’s girlfriend. Naughty boy. We’ve got people running naked in the rain, death, fights, chases, tears, accidents, villains and who knows what else. Looks like fun. I liked Jung Woong In as the kindhearted older brother in Last Scandal Of My Life but it looks like the public loves watching him play a villain. I get it because he’s a scary, charismatic one. Endless Love will air starting June 21 on SBS.