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@ameliasantos10 sis, do I ever reply to you that way? Nope, as much as I talk is as much as I write, lolz. When ppl are like that w/me, I try to give that person the benefit of the doubt they are busy atm but if it continues often then I'll drop it b/c it's obvious they have no interest in you and hearing your words otherwise they'll give you a proper feedback....
that is probably the number one thing that gets on my nerves the most! it's like i just wrote you a short essay and now all you say is 'k' ... i hope you guys don't do this @cheerfulcallie @mrjockx @onesmile
@ameliasantos10 @cheerfulcallie if I do this its because I dont have time to answer at alll hahahahahhaa but usually I never do that!! It's so frustratingg to get that kind of response....or a "wat?" after you typed out a lot
@cheerfulca hahahahaha i agree with the last part where guys are weird! totally agree ahahh and thanks for being so considerate sis! haha and you know actually more than people who answer with one letter the worse type of people is the kind that text one word at a time LOL do you know those kind of people?!
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