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@cheerfulcallie i was kidding but aww i am glad that you are actually considering the heart of the person getting the text! because i do the same.. i would feel bad if someone just reply shortly haha and you are right! if they actually cared about what you have to say then they will def. give a good feedback but you know sometimes maaybe it's a guy thing? all my guy friends are too straight forward like they just type only the neccessary info. haha like yes/no and i am just like comeon guys dpn't be so cold lol
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@ameliasantos10 well im just saying i aint "one of those ppl"!!! i might not be on time to answer you but my replies will include more then a few letters from the alphabet besides the letter "K"!! hahahah!!!....AND...yeah, I agree guys are like that so i usually pay them no attention, they weird anyways....LOL!!!
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@cheerfulca hahahahaha i agree with the last part where guys are weird! totally agree ahahh and thanks for being so considerate sis! haha and you know actually more than people who answer with one letter the worse type of people is the kind that text one word at a time LOL do you know those kind of people?!
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@ameliasantos10 @cheerfulcallie if I do this its because I dont have time to answer at alll hahahahahhaa but usually I never do that!! It's so frustratingg to get that kind of response....or a "wat?" after you typed out a lot
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