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Summer weather calls for some colorful drinks! My friend got a pomegranate and strawberry smoothie with orange juice while I got a mix of greens, apple, and pineapple. My local Jamba Juice just started offering new juices so I changed from my usual "Orange Carrot Karma" I feel like making a smoothie tomorrow too (I dont have a juicer) Do you guys have any recommendations?
@Coffeeman Hence me being lazy and going to Jamba juice that day hahaha
that looks good - cleaning a juicer can be such a pain though!
I just got a juicer and I don't think I've ever had this much kale in my life.
@ameliasantos10 It was a new juice they are offering! The girl who made it was new so she gave me a 16oz instead of a 12oz because she thought she made me wait too long. The pineapple really added to the flavor :)
the green juice sounds delicious! was it the new juice?? or did you personalize them?? Looking at this make me want to go to Jamba Juice like right now!