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Viral Star "Damn Daniel" Meets Ellen
Daaaaaaaamn Daniel. If you haven't seen the viral video of the newly famed star "Damn Daniel" then you're probably living off the grid. With a hilarious voice coming from high school sophomore Josh Holz, he has been making hilarious vines of his friend, Daniel Lara. Daniel is only 14 years old and a freshman at Riverside Poly High School, CA. The young heart throb is now raking in thousands of fans across social media attracting super-fandom overnight. Hundreds of crazy rumors have flooded the web, everything from Daniel being attacked to he's in hiding. Everyone is just looking for a story to add to the media craze. There are currently a pair of white vans online selling for $300,000 hoping to get someone gullible enough to buy them. This quick rise to fame though hasn't come without consequences. A recent news article hit that fans are pranking and storming Holz's home in California to get a glimpse of the kid behind the voice. The vine has also led to some negative parodies online which have garnered some heat. Of course it was a given that "Damn Daniel" and the voice behind it would appear on The Ellen Show. After a hilarious interview between Ellen and the boys, she surprised them with gifts. For Holz, she gave him an epic and brand new surfboard to commemorate his visit to the show. However, Damn Daniel was the one who truly came home with a winning prize by receiving a lifetime supply of Vans shoes thanks to Ellen partnering with Vans HQ. Talk about an awesome gift! "Back at it again with the white vans!"
Best Bingo Games!
This allows them to offer better prize money to customers given the fact that the clubs are very small and don't generate sufficient cash from book sales to supply appreciable prize money. In all cases, the final number known as must be in the successful sequence. If a participant doesn't cease the sport in time and the caller calls out the next number the participant's winning declare is commonly invalidated. While at a traveling carnival close to Atlanta in December 1929 the toy merchandiser noticed individuals eagerly playing a recreation known as "Beano" following Ward's rules, with dried beans, a rubber stamp, and cardboard sheets. Lowe took the game to New York where associates appreciated taking part in it. Some games have a better payout than others, though the decrease payout bingo games can often be linked to a jackpot which makes them a more engaging proposition. The different main bingo software program supplier is Cozy Games, with Foxy Bingo most likely the leading on-line bingo website to be using the GVC software which has been the subject of a number of modifications and upgrades over the previous couple of years. It additionally features cross-platform support between Facebook and mobile, offline support, power ups, and other stuff. Otherwise, it’s an above average time waster on this genre. That features a real-time on-line multiplayer mode, varied tournaments and events, and single player play. The game focuses on collectibles as you win so it gives the player somewhat further motivation aside form just picking numbers on a card. In other phrases, when a bingo sport is just about to finish (there is only one number to go – 1TG), you may use the Cash Out function to get a guaranteed payout. Back in the day, you'll go to a bingo corridor and physically mark off the numbers on your ticket in the event that they have been referred to as out. As Alan Partridge may say, it’s always good to place the “chat amongst the pigeons” and we perceive that the vast majority of online bingo players are looking for a social experience where they will really feel half of a larger community. OK, so it’s good to buy a number of tickets and land some money prizes earlier than the night is over, though it’s even higher when you make some pals and have some good banter alongside the way in which. Naturally, ensuring you receive a generous bingo bonus doesn’t go amiss either and we have agreed to some unique offers with bingo sites so as to profit from a New Player Package that may’t always be found elsewhere. Super Bingo HD is one of the newer Bingo games, comparatively speaking. This one has a lot of the basic features, including online multiplayer, a number of rooms, a number of playing cards to play, and extra. They also have an in-game profile that other players can see. However, it is still a freemium sport at its core, so watch out for that. Finally, the tickets value as little as 5p (and as much as 15p) when you might either play for the complete house, one line or two strains. Whether the Cash Out characteristic becomes obtainable together with the other on-line bingo promotions is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, you may use the cash out operate, grab some money prize, after which proceed withdrawal method to have your earnings despatched to your checking account or an e-pockets. It is an choice that offers bingo players the chance to close a bingo recreation right earlier than the end of it and seize a fixed amount prize. Some games require just one quantity to be matched, while cowl-all video games award the jackpot for covering a whole card. There are even video games that award prizes to gamers for matching no numbers or reaching no sample. Players compete against each other to be the primary to have a winning arrangement for the prize or jackpot. After a winner is said, the players clear their number playing cards of the tiles and the game host begins a new round of play. That means it’s a good suggestion to only play with a specific amount of money and within a selected time. The Lowe-produced Bingo game had two variations, a 12-card set for $1.00 and a $2.00 set with 24 playing cards. Wild numbers – Many bingo halls at may have certain video games with a wild quantity. Wild numbers permit bingo gamers to begin with a number of referred to as numbers. Players typically play multiple cards for each recreation; 30 isn't an unusual quantity. Because of the massive numbers of cards performed by every participant, most halls have the players sit at tables to which they typically fasten their cards with adhesive tape.
[TẬP 5] OH MY GIRLS! "Miệng, môi & mỏ :*"
Oh My Girls! Show đã quay trở lại cùng những màn tra tấn KINH DỊ và KHỦNG KHIẾP, nhưng không kém phần DỄ THƯƠNG! Cùng xem và đừng quên tham gia trả lời câu hỏi để giành lấy những thẻ cào giá trị nhé! ** Lưu ý: Mỗi tập của Oh My Girls! sẽ có sự kết hợp giữa các hot girls khác nhau!!! Trong tập 5 này chúc mừng chủ nhân các COMMENT các bạn được chọn để thử thách hot girl nhé: @lollipopdollie @hihihehehaha @yolocute Cùng tham gia đặt thử thách và câu hỏi cho mấy hot girl của chúng ta vào những tập sau nhé ^^! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ Xem toàn bộ series OMG! tại --- Oh My Girls! Collection ❤ Subscribe YouTube --- Vingle Video Channel ❤ CÔNG BỐ KẾT QUẢ TẬP 4 -- Tại [O4:27] của Oh My Girls! - Tập 5 >>>> CLICK NGAY: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ CÁC BƯỚC ĐỂ NHẬN GIẢI Những bạn đoạt giải được NÊU TÊN TRONG TẬP 5: 1) Để lại comment xác nhận mình là người chiến thắng và; 2) Nói rõ mạng di động mà các bạn muốn lấy mã nạp thẻ nhé! ** BAN TỔ CHỨC SẼ GỬI MÃ THẺ QUA INBOX TRÊN VINGLE CHO CÁC BẠN!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ CÂU HỎI CỦA TẬP 5 "Theo các bạn, đây là MIỆNG của ai?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ CÁCH THỨC THAM GIA CỰC KỲ ĐƠN GIẢN - Trả lời câu hỏi của các người đẹp một cách chính xác nhất. - Comment ngay dưới bài viết mỗi tập. Người có câu trả lời ĐÚNG và COMMENT CUỐI CÙNG NHẤT sẽ giành chiến thắng! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ GIẢI THƯỞNG HẤP DẪN -- 01 Giải nhất: Thẻ cào trị giá 100,000đ -- 01 Giải nhì: Thẻ cào trị giá 50,000đ -- 02 Giải ba: Thẻ cào trị giá 20,000đ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ THỜI GIAN THAM GIA Ngay từ bây giờ đến 16H00 CHIỀU THỨ TƯ (16/09/2015) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ CÔNG BỐ KẾT QUẢ Thông tin người thắng cuộc sẽ được các công bố vào tập tiếp theo của chương trình! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ LƯU Ý 3 NGÀY SAU KHI CÔNG BỐ GIẢI, nếu các bạn thắng cuộc không comment để xác nhận, BTC sẽ trao giải thưởng cho thành viên khác! ❤ Pinky làm gì Meena vậy ta??? =)) ❤ Vụ án gì đây? ;;) ❤ Hơi sai sai :D ❤ Meena làm gì kì quá hà hà :"> Để biết thêm về các hot girls của tập này: ❤ Shi: ❤ Meena: ❤ Pinky: ❤ Ngọc Minx: ❤ Milu: YÊU CẦU, THỬ THÁCH CỦA CÁC BẠN LÀ GÌ? MAU HỎI VÀ THÁCH THỨC CÁC CÔ NÀNG HOT GIRLS VỐN "ĐỎNG ĐẢNH" NÀY NÀO. COMMENT NGAY THÔI, VÀ ĐỪNG QUÊN TRẢ LỜI CÂU HỎI TẬP 5 ĐỂ LẤY THẺ CÀO NHÉ : )
Pixar changed multiple scenes in 'Inside Out' to cater to International Audiences
What you see depends on the country you live in. If you walk into a movie theater somewhere else in the world, Pixar's 'Inside Out' may look a little different from the American version you saw back at home. From the food to the sports to the cultural mannerisms, some things are slightly different. Pixar created 28 graphics for 45 uniquely different shots to be inserted for local audiences. So far Pixar has made over $553 million to date spanning multiple countries across the world. Director Pete Docter said they wanted the film to remain complex and emotional while making sense with the foreign audience's culture. Sometimes Pixar films aren't strictly perfect domestically so they make some tweaks to create the best product. This isn't the first company to change it's movie for a foreign audience. Marvel with "Iron Man 3" added scenes for Chinese audiences to incorporate Gu Li Duo, a popular Chinese milk drink, and a scene where Iron Man is saved by a famous Chinese character. In Adam Sandler's "Pixels", a scene was taken out so that Chinese audiences would not see the Great Wall of China destroyed. As you can see, your country has a huge influence. Doctor said for 'Inside Out', “We learned that some of our content wouldn’t make sense in other countries. For example, in Japan, broccoli is not considered gross. Kids love it. So we asked them, ‘What’s gross to you?’ They said green bell peppers, so we remodeled and reanimated three separate scenes replacing our broccoli with green peppers.” In this scene, Riley's dad is having a hard time getting her to eat broccoli. She squirms and turns away in disgust as he continuously attempts to have her eat it. In the United States, it is a normal thing for a child to dislike broccoli. But in Japan, broccoli is substituted by bell peppers since Japanese children think those are gross instead. That slight cultural difference changed an entire scene in the film to be more relatable and to evoke EMOTION. Though Hockey is traditionally a Canadian pastime, Hockey is still largely popular in the northern parts of the United States such as US state, Minnesota. Hockey is still just as American for many people however most of the world isn't exposed to hockey frequently which is why Pixar changed it to soccer. Soccer is the world's most popular sport. Docter also mentioned,“We offered a version with soccer instead of hockey since soccer is huge in so many parts of the world. But some countries that are into soccer actually decided to stick with hockey since the characters in the movie are from Minnesota and it makes sense that they’d be hockey fans.” Did you know that even how we read words is different in various parts of the world? Well Pixar took note of that being noted by Docter, "Bing Bong reads a sign in the film to Joy and Sadness. He points at the letters, D-A-N-G-E-R, saying ‘it’s a shortcut.’ Not only did we translate the sign, but we even went so far as to reanimate Bing Bong so that he points to the letters from right to left, instead of left to right to accommodate certain languages.” Do you think it's necessary to change a movie for a foreign audience?
Soi cầu XSMB thứ 7 4/4/2020 – Dự đoán XSMB – Kết quả xổ số miền Bắc
Soi cầu XSMB thứ 7 4/4/2020 – dự đoán XSMB ngày 4 tháng 4 tại Tinycat99, với các phương pháp phân tích hiện đại cùng với hệ thống thống kê đầy đủ và chính xác sẽ mang đến cho các bạn những con số may mắn nhất. Phân tích & Dự Đoán Soi cầu XSMB thứ 7 4/4/2020 Thống kê lô gan MB lâu chưa về Soi cầu dự đoán XSMB chính xác nhất Việt Nam Phân tích & Dự Đoán Soi cầu XSMB thứ 7 4/4/2020 Cách chọn cầu cặp số song thủ lô đẹp Tinycat99 không sử dụng cách soi cầu truyền thống thông thường. Mà các chuyên gia từ Tinycat sẽ chọn cầu bằng cách sử dụng máy học, tính toán xác suất thống kê, tính toán ra cầu chuẩn nhất từ đặc biệt, lô song thủ bạch thủ, soi cầu xsmb, dự đoán xsmn, lô kép, dàn đề, lô trượt, 3 càng, xiên 3, xiên 2, xiên 4 để đưa ra kết quả tối ưu. Thống kê 2 số cuối giải đặc biệt XSMB Việc thống kê giải đặc biệt KQXS sẽ đưa cho bạn cái nhìn trực quan hơn về KQXS đặc biệt đề hôm nay, thống kê đầu đuôi, đề gan lâu ngày, đề về nhiều. Việc thống kê cũng giúp những kèo đánh lô theo KQ giải đặc biệt, soi cầu xsmb chính xác hơn. Dự đoán XSMB ngày 4/4/2020 – Dự đoán xổ số miền Bắc thứ 7 hôm nay Dựa vào các phương pháp tính toán như đã nói ở trên, Tinycat99 xin gửi đến anh chị em dàn lô, đặc biệt, xiên, kép hôm nay. Lưu ý là mọi dự đoán không phải là chính xác 100% nên anh em chỉ tham khảo và đưa ra quyết định. Tuy tỉ lệ dự đoán không được 100% nhưng để chơi lâu dài thì anh em có thể yên tâm. Vì Tinycat hiện nay là website có tỉ lệ trúng cao nhất từ trước tới giờ. Ngoài việc dự đoán soi cầu XSMB thứ 7 4/4/2020, tại TINYCAT còn cung cấp cho các bạn về nhiều loại hình lô đề như: dự đoán XSMN, dự đoán XSMT… Nếu bạn thấy những dự đoán chúng tôi là hữu ích thì đừng ngại tham gia Tinycat 99 để có được cho mình lợi nhuận hấp dẫn cũng như nhận được những dự đoán soi cầu miễn phí mỗi ngày nhé các bạn.
Cash App Problems | Cash App Card Not Working
Read here latest, updated correspondence association cash app refund process. Situations pending payments, fail transactions quickly found cash app issues Cash App Problems Toll-free +1833-247-677 To refund money, you will have to make the request with-in 120 (one hundred twenty) days of the original transactions. Your account balance is checked to cover the Cash App Refund. In any case, your refund amount is not enough to balance the refund amount then credit it back to your customer’s card. You’ll have to keep your balance accordingly.   In How Much Time Does Cash App Refund Money? To get your fund back in the cash app, it will generally take 2 to 7 business days. As soon as the refund is processed and immediately sent to the bank it might take another 2 to 7 days for the refund to reflect your customer’s account. Accordingly, it may take 9 to 14 business days for your customers to get back their fund as refund. You don’t have to panic for any of the Cash App Refunds Failed. Different Ways By Which You Can Secure Your Transactions Sometimes, it happens that there is a technical error in the app. In this case, all users can report the error online. In case, your app is not responding then here are some of the ways by which you can secure your money much pretty well. Examine Whether The Transaction Is Freezed While handle your cash app and doing any update or cancellation, you should recognized the point where the transaction froze. First, check your cash app balance in case the entire app is not malfunction. If the concerned amount doesn’t reflect the amount you were expecting then you can immediately check your linked bank account to make out whether the transaction is pending. Make Sure To Cancel The Payment If your purchasing is shown on your bank account but the cash app hasn’t confirmed it yet then in that circumstance you must cancel the payment as the payment is still not been accepted by the recipient. If users cancel the payment within 24 hours of processing the transaction then your funds will be null. The cash app will never let you cancel the payment as payment is finished immediately and is possible to cancel when the Cash App Payment Failed. Announce The Charges If your cash app is linked to your bank account where you find some unauthorized charges made to your payment card then you have the right to report. You cannot ask for refunds on behalf of square merchants. The perfect solution for this is that you have to engage with your card issuing bank. Cancel Via App When you find that the payment made by you is done then you should cancel the payment immediately by visiting the cash app. Then click on the clock icon in the top right corner and select the account you transferred the payment. Now select the Cancel Payment which is present at the bottom of the screen. Now is the situation when you should look for a Cash App Refund.
Juiced Eliminator Review (PSP)
When Need for Speed came burning onto the PSP we were shocked not only by the speed but the pure raw power of the PSP in running such a complex racer. Never after watching NFS run did I think I would feel the same way about a racer but I was oh so very wrong. Juiced eliminator is THQ’s masterwork on the PSP pushing out visuals that not only rival its XBOX and PC older brothers but also push the limits and perceptions of what we all thought the PSP was capable off. When it comes to racers Juiced eliminator is a cunning mix of simulation, street styling, arcade style handling and customization all put together in a very well rounded package. It comes with a staggering array of options that at first glance will have the modding nuts foaming at the mouth and the rest of us wondering where to start. Unfortunately, some of the other innovations in game play – like the respect system- didn’t fare so well. It’s only natural in the heat of a race to hit your rivals or scratch up your paint job while taking a tight corner and to suffer in terms of respect for such actions, almost to the point of making some races pointless. Fortunately you can now instantly retry any race you messed up, which eliminates the need to try and start from scratch again. Even if you don’t, with the newly modified ‘respect-o-meter’ you can keep a close tab on your various rivals. Also newly modified and refined career mode and the calendar makes earning the money for those new shocks you have been after so much easier. On top of that add a huge assortment of new tracks and a garage full of new cars and more pimp options than you can shake a jeweled cane at, and you have something that’s more than just a basic PS2 to PSP port. One of the biggest problems to boot was the haphazard betting system with its race fees. It’s a risky set up that if you lose, you not only lose respect but also privileges in your garage and even other races. Thankfully this has been completely overhauled and none of these seem to be present in this version of the game. With the retry option only a button press away, losing the bet becomes a lot more fun. Sadly, I do have one big gripe with Juiced Eliminator. Despite fluid looks and an excellent handling dynamics the game feels a little slow in comparison to other racer games. When you add this to slightly glitchy sections on the more complex tracks and you have the gaming equivalent of putting factory spec brakes on a nitro fueled 660BHP custom racer, this is something that cannot be forgiven in such an otherwise polished game and I for one hope it will be eliminated in further incarnations of the series. Graphics – Bright as neon and as hot as nitro in a pimped out ride 8/10 Sound – Some excellent music tones; the game plays well with some fantastic engine sounds and screeching brakes 8/10 Controls – Adaptive and well suited to the feel of customization 9/10 Gameplay - Although not as fast as Ridge Racer or Burnout it handles more like a simulator than an arcade racer 8/10 Difficulty – Early races will have you thinking your unbeatable, how wrong you will be in later races 9/10 Multiplayer Options – AD-HOC racing is always fun, but racing your freshly pimped ride against a friend is something else 9/10 Replay Value – A true sense of satisfaction can be had from taking a scrapper and turning it into a ‘pimp my ride’ special and running your rivals into the ground. This is a game you will play again and again just for this feeling 9/10 Overall – A little slow at times with occasional glitches; These can be annoying but they fail to detract from what is a truly exceptional racer 9/10 By
Cosplay A Une Grande Flexibilité
Si vous vous souvenez de Samantha Jones et de son jeune amant Smith de Sex and the City, vous vous souviendrez de l'épisode dans lequel ils ont joué au Cosplay Costume. Mansa porte un trench-coat et un parapluie partout dans la ville, posant avec Smith en homme et femme romantique dans un vieux film. Certains disent que le cosplay est une illusion satisfaisante que vous ne pouvez pas réaliser, et d'autres disent que le cosplay est un nouvel assaisonnement pour le sexe ordinaire. A propos du sexe fou, il a essayé comme une bonne femme. Ou vous pouvez devenir une policière effrontée et médiocre ou une femme de ménage douce comme nous, et le cosplay est à la fois un aphrodisiaque non puissant et un fantasme léger. flexibilité de cosplay. Du point de vue de l'évaluation, les formes et le contenu des jeux de rôle sont variés, et les principaux sujets peuvent concevoir des thèmes et des scènes de test selon les besoins pour atteindre l'objectif de l'évaluation. À la demande du sujet, l'expression du sujet est également flexible, et à moins que le sujet soit confiné dans un espace limité, cela n'aide pas le sujet à exercer son vrai niveau. Du point de vue de la formation, le praticien peut changer le rôle du formateur en fonction des besoins de la formation, et en même temps, ajuster le contenu de la formation en fonction de la formation. Il n'y a pas de limite spécifique sur le temps de formation et la durée est déterminée sur demande. En ce qui concerne l'éducation aux relations humaines, les effets négatifs de l'interaction humaine ont été éliminés de la conception de l'éducation. C'est le même département d'équipement qui a fait les costumes de cosplay de Disney à Disneyland pour Mickey Mouse, Brute, Goofy dogs, Donald Duck et d'autres personnages de Disney. Peu de temps après le lancement officiel de Disneyland, Disney a élargi son département d'outillage pour couvrir tout, des films et des outils de cinéma à tous les costumes de cosplay nécessaires pour travailler à Disneyland. La seule chose utilisée dans les premiers cosplay était un "gros sac en papier" fixe, qui manquait d'esthétique et de confort. Le produit fini était également relativement brut. À ce stade, cependant, la fabrication de costumes de cosplay Disney avait atteint une certaine taille. EQ est venu en Chine à ce moment-là et a bien parlé. EQ est censé être un manuel relativement mature sur les jeux et les jeux de rôle. Le succès d'EQ en Chine n'est pas seulement un test de la capacité d'une entreprise à opérer sur le marché, mais aussi un test de l'ensemble des acteurs. La lecture de ce manuel et la création d'un monde Norrath pour les joueurs chinois qui ne va pas à l'encontre de l'objectif de l'égaliseur dépend des efforts de tous les participants.
Cosplay A un fort impact sur les jeux vidéo et l'animation
Dans l'étude du Cosplay Costume, il n'est pas théorisé que les costumes et les outils sont construits selon le rôle d'une personne virtuelle et que ces personnes sont incarnées dans le monde réel. Bien que les universitaires croient que le cosplay est une forme d'expression d'identité, les blogueurs de la culture extrême participent de plus en plus à la politique de la culture traditionnelle des cosplayers, mais le travail et la matérialité du cosplay sont une production de fans D'un autre côté, comment ce travail est-il sexué? Il y a peu à résoudre. L'une peut être due au fait que le jeu de rôle est dans une position incohérente dans les discussions existantes sur la production et la performance des fans. La recherche sur les fans, en tant que domaine, s'est historiquement concentrée sur la translittération des fans féminines à travers la création et la publication de romans, de vidéos de fans et de fan art. D'un autre côté, le cosplay est souvent réalisé sous la forme d'un éventail. Le modèle imitant un fan (le terme que j'ai emprunté à Matt Hills) essaie de copier ce que j'ai vu à l'écran, donc `` Si vous faites un mix radical ou lisez de façon provocante, Néanmoins, "2 Hills" est une "séparation de la transformation centrée sur les femmes et des alliances positives centrées sur les hommes" lorsqu'il s'agit d'imiter la production de fans et de dupliquer les outils. Il est considéré comme l'une des tentatives révolutionnaires avec la capacité de déconstruire. Après un personnage français accusé d '«entreprendre» avant la finale, la finale est entrée dans un costume de 27 millions de livres. Alice Livanart est spécialisée dans le héros pyke du championnat Pygmon League et en septembre, la Coupe de France a disputé le championnat d'Europe de cosplay le 26 octobre dans le comic con de Londres mcm) Inscrit. Les accusations continuent d'être sensibles à la tuile des médias sociaux Leonard, qui participe à l'événement où sa robe est interdite, rivalisant ainsi avec les gagnants des activités de 25 pays européens. En annonçant la déclaration eurocosplay, ils ont apparemment révoqué les qualifications et les "recherches et autres choix de compétition" de livanart, mais il n'y a pas de costume de pyke acceptable. La croissance de la scène des Cosplay Costume est susceptible d'être fortement influencée par la descendance et l'intérêt pour les jeux vidéo et l'animation. Influence. De nombreux enfants des années 80 et 90 ont passé beaucoup de temps à jouer à des jeux vidéo sur PC et consoles de jeux. Cet intérêt s'est accru avec le développement des générations ultérieures. En conséquence, certaines personnes se sont intéressées à donner vie à leurs héros de jeux vidéo et d'animés. Le stimulus est très différent: certaines personnes achètent de la mode et aiment la mode, tandis que d'autres font la connaissance de personnes qui se sont rencontrées lors de réunions. La dernière pièce à discuter est la conception du dos et la façon dont ils ont utilisé les couleurs pour sortir cette veste. L'un des slogans utilisés par Vilante Design est «Superhuman Streetwear», comme dans l'habillement que l'on pourrait s'attendre à ce que le prochain héros de la bande dessinée s'habille s'il était juste un justicier dans les rues. Avoir le violet mélangé comme une sorte de choix de conception est brillant car cela pourrait être n'importe quoi pour n'importe qui sans que ce soit un symbole spécifique. Certains pourraient voir une lance, d'autres une cicatrice, d'autres une larme dans l'espace. Quoi qu’il en soit, ceux-ci sont bien conçus et j’aime la façon dont ils se présentent.