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Experiencing The Depth of LELO Soraya Vibrators

Life is too short for fake orgasms!

Have you ever used LELO Soraya or LELO Luna Beads or any of the rabbit virbators? If not, then this is the right page for you to find out how delightful these vibrators are.

Rabbit vibrators have always been a pleasure panel for me. I have been a fan of these LELO Vibrators for a very long time. Over the years, my pleasurable experiences have led to more and more excitement about Lelo Soraya vibrators. To my surprise, my first sex toy was a rabbit vibrator which suited my anatomy. I really love the dual stem which consists of lateral and vaginal pleasures.

With this amazing adult toy, I was able to achieve the best orgasms I have ever had before. The vibrator is something that's classic and comes with the best prices. It's not going to burn a hole in your pocket. You can buy it easily online in adult stores. One of the best things about it was the packaging which impressed me a lot. The rabbit vibrator had stunning packaging. There was an outer box which has two pictures of the vibrator along with some information on it. It looks classy, clean and systematic. This sort of packaging is quite discrete and I appreciate it very much because it's not too tacky or gaudy and you can unpack it and throw it in the bin without thinking twice.

The inside of the packaging was Matte black with a Lenin box that was as strong as the vibrator. It’s luxurious and comfortable holding it in my hands. The word Lelo was printed in black at the topmost corner but there were no other types of heads or pictures of the ingredient. There was a small box inside which have the charger along with all the other details. Along with the vibrator comes a small satin storage pouch and a small sachet of personal lubricant along with the user manual. The packaging is so discreet that nobody will ever come to know that you have ordered and adultery for yourself. Everything about this product screams luxury.

Charging is also very simple. You just need to put the charging pin into the hole of the base and the red light will flash during the charging. My overall experience with the Lelo Soraya rabbit vibrator was exciting. It is strong and has never failed to bring me to orgasm in under 10 minutes. I believe what I say when it comes to the Soraya. Next, I’m going to check out the LELO Gigi 2 vibrators.

Happy Masturbating!
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