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Nixon won 4 Edgar Awards for best juvenile mystery, which is more than any other author. (I think they use the term "juvenile" for young adult novels, too.) Her books are classic suspense novels--will she discover who killed her mother before he returns to kill HER? Did the teens who entered a deserted-looking house during a storm make a deadly mistake? Creepy stuff here!
@greggr, definitely not great literature, but I'm all for anything that gets kids reading. You never know what book will make someone decide they like to read. That's why teachers who send students to the library to get a book "150 pages, and only in my reading level" drive me crazy!
@LibraryLady Precisely! Of course, I'd like to get kids to read really great literature, if even my family and I can't always agree on whats a good book, how can I expect them to?
@LibraryLady Ah, Joan Nixon. There have been better plots, with less holes, but I really enjoyed the Other Side of the Dark when I read it.