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Cordless Tool Accessory 99% Of People Dont Know Exists!

Hey guys welcome back to the struggle YouTube channel this video. I want to quickly talk about these cordless tool. Battery adapters I have, I know we did a really quick video on one time way back in the day. But since then I picked up a second one and when we did the haul video, I actually couldn't even find the dang thing, but I finally found it. So I thought we talk about it a little bit, but what they do is they allow you to use? Like a Dewalt battery with a Milwaukee tool and there's tons of different combinations, I put together a page on my website which I will link down below. But these things are just amazingly useful because for me most of my batteries are Dewalt batteries and I still want tools from other platforms, especially when I find really good deals. So I have a couple of m18 Milwaukee tools, but the only batteries I have are big. Honkin things it's like the 12 amp hour and you just don't want to use that on some of the smaller stuff. So, for instance, this is the Milwaukee one. The only reason I know it's the Milwaukee one is because I put a piece of red tape on it and that's the thing I don't like about them is: there's no other markings on this thing at all, so just to show you that it does work slap. The DeWalt on there slap the Milwaukee on there and they're. Actually, nice tight fits. You can still use the clasp whoa getting crazy and then, of course, the little buttons that you get on Milwaukee. So it slides off just like that. But what I want to do is you can see. I got a little bit of nail polish in the background is for the battery side. I want to put a little yellow stripe or something on this one. I'M the Milwaukee put a little red on the top, and this other one works for Makita. So I still have my Dewalt battery, but it goes with Makita tools and this one even comes with a USB port, which is awesome because you can use it for a charger or whatever you want. This one has a little bit more information. You see it says 20 volt max, which gives you a pretty good indication that it goes to a DeWall, but still it doesn't say if it's battery or tool side and then 18 volt adapter will so many too just say 18-volt that doesn't tell you Makita at All and if you're wondering no, I don't own any Makita tools, but now, if I find a good deal on a bear tool or even a kit where I want to sell the charger and the batteries, I can still use some Makita tools. But until then read more can use the USB port to charge my phone or what have you? So that's why we also have teal or close enough for government work, so here yellow, go on bottom yeah. We'Re gon na paint our nails in the video, because this is just how we do it. Okay, we're just gon na do a little. Yes, I'm very artistic or autistic it just depending how you want look at it. Oh, just you know, the bottom half will use the seam as our divider. Don'T when you use up all the nail polish I'll need it for the weekend. So you know that's good and then oh crap, I have my red tape. I should have taken the red tape off first, for now, we'll just go around it. The red tape still stick in I'll. Just let the thing look, all kind of goofy and weird getting more weird sometimes might need two coats. The girls put two coats on when they do their nails, or is it just just me? Let me get all four sides, so it's really easy to tell what this thing is supposed to go to turn that make a complete mess here. I know this is the most interesting part of the whole. Video watch me paint this you get high off nail. Polish, I'm thinking you probably can play on feel. Okay, probably need a second call. Look at that BAM. We got yellow bottom, you her any more of that later, but now we're gon na go to rid. Are you supposed to shake this before you do it? Is it one of those things that you shake? Oh I'm not a very good girl. I guess I don't like that. It was beautiful. If we mix the two will probably get brown, I feel like every time you mix two colors. It just always turns into brown. Eventually, that's not where everyone got subscribe, like this guy's a weirdo get the hell out of here. This is just stupid. I almost got a drip edge there. I'M careful won't be so sloppy. Oh, I should have been red there. There we go, you got ta, get the tapes man, that's beautiful! That'S beautiful, craftsmanship! Right there, my Community College art, appreciation class, very, very proud. I had to take that or music. I went with art appreciation because it sounded easier, but I despised it because I think art is a waste of time I'd. Rather, you go produce something for a society than your little stupid paintings and I would let the teacher know that every single day I did not choose to be here, I am forced to be here. I do not respect your profession and didn't pass with flying colors, but I didn't mind up a sea animal surprisingly, but I would have failed myself. I guess I can get kind of underneath here and then over here see it's just one of those leisurely days. Gon na get out the easel do some painting won't be funny if I was doing the wrong side and messed up the whole thing, it probably doesn't matter, it's better dry I'll, be ticked if it little just stays tacky and like rubs off on the tools law. Damn it I got myself get off of me. That'S for the weekend. It'S not the weekend. Sucker cans deal. Maybe I should shake it we're right to the end. Maybe I should actually do what you're supposed to put this stuff. Okay, we're gon na go just do this. Oh I kind of like that. Toi would look good on me. You match my eyes. Got ta fill the dead air with some kind of commentary. Well, here I think it's got any two coats I'll spare you the recording of the second oh yeah. This is beautiful, I'm starting to finally get that art appreciation that I I guess I should have had all family home and civilized civilized people appreciate appreciate art. So I'm told my art, I know, is art of the deal triggered. Okay, I think we're just about summon it up here, we're ready for a night out on the town, and that looks like trash long as it helps long as it helps you probably. You know what the tape was a better idea. The tape was a better idea, but at least you know exactly where that's going like you ruined it, it looks awful now. I thought it would go on a little bit, less streaky and globby, but maybe two coats. Hopefully, that's not expensive nail polish. I have no idea well there. It is anyway, I'm a big fan of the battery adapters, because batteries are ridiculously expensive, especially the makita batteries aren't really expensive. So if you can avoid, even if you already have Makita tools, if you can avoid paying more for more Makita batteries like the DeWalt batteries, just generally are cheaper, there's more promotions unto all style stuff. So anyway, thanks for watching guys, good video like subscribe for, I subscriber and I'm going to see you next time.