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Ji Hyun Woo has confirmed his enlistment date to be August 7. A rep from Ji Hyun Woo’s agency Paramount Music told enews on July 15, “It is true that Ji Hyun Woo will start serving on August 7. He will be entering the 102nd Reserve Corps on active duty, as announced before.” Ji Hyun Woo originally planned to enter the army on July 3, but he had to postpone the date after he suffered an injury to his face and back when he fell off a horse he was riding for tvN’s Queen In Hyun’s Man. Src: Enewsworld
is Ji Hyun Woo, Love Rain's Hana sunbae?? and Yoo In Na, is Secret Garden's RaIm best friend??
I know it is mandatory to serve but its sad to see these young men leave homes, families and friends. Ji Hyun Woo be safe hurry back to YIN, your family and fans.
what? i'm starting to like him already since queen in hyun's man and he has to go? another one of korea's good actor that we won't see for 2 yrs... bYe for now Ji Hun Woo...FIGHTING!!