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NCT Daily Wednesday πŸŽ‰

Hello NCTzens! It's Melissa with NCT Daily for Wednesday! For today, I am sharing some NCT DREAM videos. Let's get ready for their 1st album 'Hot Sauce'. It will released on May 10, 6PM KST

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NCT DREAM 'Dive Into You' DREAM-VERSE Chapter #1 The Love Triangle
NCT DREAM 'Rainbow' DREAM-VERSE Chapter #2 The Thing I Cherish
Dinosaurs A to Z Sing along with NCT DREAM NCT DREAM x PINKFONG

Until next time NCTzens!

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NCT as a brand has done a really great job with their YouTube and V-live presence/content. Their videos are just really fun to watch, and I love the subtle format differences between the units.
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