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1. Seo Pan Seok Visits Eun Dae Gu’s place to do a DNA test on his toothbrush telling Ji Gook, “You made a mistake and dropped this in the toilet, okay?” He then asks Ji Gook if he knows the password to Dae Gu’s computer and Ji Gook says, “How would I know that?..Team Leader, I don’t know what this is about, but it’s extremely burdensome….Then, I’ll be leaving”. Before Seo Pan Seok leaves he tells Ji Gook,”I’m telling you again, I’ve never been here today, okay?” Ji Gook wonders out loud,”He definitely is going to do a DNA test. Son?..I’ve been watching too many dramas.” Credit: Drama SBS 2. Seo Pan Seok is relieved to find out Dae Gu is Ji Yong but Eun Dae Gu denies it. Seo Pan Seok, “Thank you so much for staying alive, for growing up like this..Ahjusshi was so tormented…that something might’ve happened to you”. When Seo Pan Seok tells him the results of the DNA test, this infuriates Dae Gu even more. Eun Dae Gu,” What are you trying to say? I’m not… I told you I’m not! If I said I’m not, I’m not, you son of a bitch! ..Don’t try to confirm anything…forever.. just die of curiosity!” Credit: Drama SBS 3. Eo Soo Seon gives Eun Dae Gu a surprise backhug. Eun Dae Gu,”What is this all of a sudden?” Eo Soo Seon, “Thanks, I’m really thankful..I’m proud of you.” Credit: Drama SBS 4. The tender moment between Seo Pan Seok and Kim Sa Kyeong on their date. The BGM is Lee Seung Chul’s “I Must Be in Love” Seo Pan Seok Seok comments about the sudden rain and asks his ex-wife, “Are you okay?” Credit: Drama SBS 5. Discussion between Gangnam Police Chief Kang and Eun Dae Gu about Team Leader Seo and Boots. Dae Gu is upset that Boots has disappeared. He says that he feels everything has gone to ruins. He swears to catch the criminal with his own hands and….He is afraid that his mother’s case will forever remain an unsolved one if he doesn’t take action. He is still angry that Seo Pan Seok forced his mother to testify. He also says, “This is the first chance that has come to me in 11 years.” Chief Kang tries to get Dae Gu to stop being so hard on Seo Pan Seok and isn’t so sure he’s guilty. She believes that the pendant could be something that the criminal has that is Team Leader Seo’s weak point. She asks, “Are you still suspicious of Team Leader Seo?…no matter what happens, remember your promise to me..never to take matters into your own hands. Let the law be the judge. You must keep that promise. Answer me, now.” Dae Gu,”Yes”.