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Print Online on any item of your choice
The services of printing enable us to get our work done faster. We are able to save a lot of time by getting a document printed, only to utilize that extra time someplace else. Surprisingly, printing services are also being used to put designs on objects like mugs, pens, clocks and water bottles. Such services are also made available online and people are using them a lot. To be able to print online on an item has many advantages. One, you don’t have to leave your seat to bring an item home. Two, you can avoid conversation with a printing press worker by ordering online and fourth, you get to be in charge of the process. Lastly, you can avail discounts without having to argue with anyone for any price relaxations. Online printing services in India is getting popular by the day. A pandemic forced us to use online shopping and that made us aware of many wonderful websites and their services. Among those services, online printing was truly miraculous. It was a whole new world full of surprises for many first time users. If you will open a website that offers such services then you will be able to understand this statement. Upon visiting an online printing website, you will be able to find many items scattered across various categories. Each category will have these items listed with many exciting designs. In various shapes, colors and prices. These days, printing websites also give the option of customizing with designs of a customer’s choice. Meaning, you can basically add any photo, name or pattern of our choice on your desired object. Personal Use Sometimes, we just like to do something special for ourselves. We like giving a surprise to ourselves by purchasing things online. Next time you get such feelings, make sure to spend your money on some printed items like t-shirts, stickers, badges, sling bags, tote bags, mobile covers and pen drives. Printed Gifts Giving gifts is pretty common on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and graduation. Sometimes we just buy a gift without any special occasion. To add a little more personal touch to your gift items, you can add personalization in the forms of printed names, photos and even a message. There are different types of gifts that can be purchased at various price ranges. Decoration When thinking about redecorating your house, you can bring a lot of changes while staying within your budget. By ordering some printed items for your house, you can add a splash of colors and positive quotes to change the overall atmosphere. Some printed cushions, posters, wall clocks, calendars and photo frames will set the tone right. Business Cards It’s important for any working professional to carry their business card with them at all times. You never know when a good opportunity can strike and when you might end up meeting someone influential for your career. Having some classy business cards in your wallet can come handy when leaving your contact details for a prospective client. You can pick a design that suits your style the most. Any person can purchase printed items at affordable rates. They just need to know a good online printing store to get good deals!
18歳未満は見れません「SHUNGA 春画展」
やたらにニュースになっているからか、入場規制になっているという東京に生まれた秘宝館こと春画展。これはみるべきだな。 東京都 江戸川橋 永青文庫 料金 当日1500円 住所 東京都文京区目白台1-1-1 時間:10:00~18:00 18禁の『春画展』が9月開催、大英博物館のコレクション含む120点が集結 2013年にはイギリス・ロンドンの大英博物館で大規模な展覧会『Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art』が開催され、話題を呼んだ。 18禁春画展エロくて女子も喜ぶ理由 ポルノとは全然違うのよ とはいえ大英博物館も最初は不安があり、開館以来初めて16歳未満の入場を禁止した。が、いざ開けてみると大好評。ガーディアンのような一流紙はこぞって事実上の最高点となる四ツ星の評価を出し、入場者は3ヵ月で8万8000人を超えたという。「面白いのは『日本人がこんなにも性に対しておおらかな人たちだったとは思わなかった』という声がアンケートに上がってきたこと。彼らの“まじめすぎる”日本人像がすごくプラスのイメージに変わったんです」 フタをあけてみれば、拍子抜けするほどの大成功。調査では大英博物館側にとって意外な結果もわかった。女性ウケがよかったのだ。「入場者の55%が女性だった。そのうえ95%が“満足”、96%が“期待以上だった”と答えているんですね」 頬染めて秋を過ごそうぜ。 いまさらwikiがおもしろい
私は写真を撮るのが下手だ。せいぜいポケモンスナップで良い点数をとるのが限界である。 しかしこの写真家Steve McCurry氏が説明する「写真の基本構図」を頭に入れればもしかしていい写真が撮れるのではないだろうかと思えてきた。 この動画ではベーシックを教えてくれると共にその構図の参考となる素晴らしい写真を例に出してくれている。 めちゃくちゃ数が多く全てはここで紹介できないので少し紹介していこうと思う。 ① 9分割した時の交差点 どういうことかと言うと、写真をまず9分割する。 そしてその線が交差するところに目を引くポイントを置くのだ。 そのようにするとこんな写真が撮れる 確かにこのような構図の写真はよく見る。 ② 9分割した時の線に沿った写真を撮る どういうことかと言うと写真の中にある立体感を出すラインをこの線に合わせるのである。 この構図を取り入れた写真がこちら これは横だが、縦と合わせて色々な組み合わせが出来そうだ。 ③ 自然のラインで目線を集めろ! これはどういうことかと言うと世の中にはよく見ると色々な「線」がある。 その線の矛先を一箇所に集めよう! このようなことである。 この他にもたくさん紹介されているので是非写真を上手く撮りたい人は一番上の動画を見て欲しい。 見た感想としては「線」を意識することが大切なんだな、と感じた
Diving down the nostalgia lane with Personalized Pencils
As we grow old, we begin to realize how much we do not want to let go of our childhood habits and how much we want to hold onto some aspects of our pre-adulthood life. It might not be practically possible to stay exactly the same and lead the same life throughout out life span on Earth but, some of the aspects can be retained. Like, writing with a pencil in a world where pens are the commonly accepted writing tools. Emerging technology has allowed us to change the items around us in a manner which pleases us. Personalised pencils can be purchased to welcome old habits into our new lives. Not only are they economic but also an environment friendly choice over plastic pens. Surprisingly, we can purchase them in many wonderful designs these days. You might find a good set of pencils on almost any stationary shop but to be able to personalize such items, we might need you to get in touch with a printing store. One such online printing store which will be a perfect fit for you is Printland. With many items available for printing and customization, there is not a shadow of doubt about the fact that they will provide you with the best designs in pencils. Pencil printing is something that they will definitely help you with. Whether it is Printed Apsara pencils or some other well-known brand, you will find them for personalization on their website. Other than plain graphite pencils, there are colored wooden pencils available in colors like: black, red, blue and purple. We can also have our childhood all-time favorite pencil brands mad available for customization. For instance, you can customize Natraj pencils with your own names. There are a number of things that you can do using pencils: Sketching When a person learns to sketch, they begin by using pencils. A normal pencil can be used to give various strokes and shades to a sketch. When the artist advances a little, he moves to different shading pencils. Pencils come in different shades marked with special characters. Each pencil has a shade of its own ranging from light to dark. Hand written notes Imagine being able to write something without having to worry about making mistakes. Well, you don’t have to imagine that when it is possible with pencils. Unlike pens, you can erase the words written by a pencil using an eraser. We can write as many times as we like on the same page and there is no need to change pages. It is not only economic but eco-friendly too. We are able to prevent wastage of paper when we opt for a pencil instead of a pen. Passion for Writing We all know that one person who is passionate about using words to tell stories and giving his imagination a shape. In simpler words, a writer friend. Some people develop a knack for writing from an early age when a grown up introduces them to this fantasy world of words. A pencil given in an early age can sow the seeds of curiosity. You can create doodles, scribbles random things on paper and clothes using your own pencil. You can purchase them in many designs and enjoy the nostalgia.