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J.Lo is known for her fit dancer body, do I was expecting her workouts to be a mix of Zumba and hip hop dance. Turns out, she's a big fan of dumbbells! So pump up Jenny from the Block and grab your weights. Good luck! 1. Quit quick-stepping on the stairclimber! This works fewer muscles and burns fewer calories than long, deep steps. 2. Sit still for no more than three minutes between weight-lifting sets. Waiting longer allows your muscles to cool down, weakening the benefits of the exercise. 3. MUST-DO MOVE: Tricep extension TARGETS: The backs of the arms HOW TO DO IT: Hold one end of a five-to-eight-pound dumbbell in both hands above your head. Slowly lower the weight behind your head so elbows point to the ceiling, then lift. Aim for three sets of eight.
Awesome! Not a huge fan of Jlo but love the workout!
That tricep extension hits the spot on my upper arm that always jiggles hahah I hope it firms that up
Her body is so ridiculous. She has the best curves!
She looks amazing in that swimsuit! Smouldering~
go job lo. Serious.