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I've always wanted to go to Australia, and this only makes me want to visit even more! I am not always the biggest fan of modern architecture, but this resort is fascinating! I want to be in that swimming pool ASAP. "Oldfield Knott Architects have recently completed the Matisse Beach Club in a suburb of Perth, Australia. The exclusive Matisse Beach Club combines glamour, design and beach life with its exclusive location on the amazing beach front of Scarborough. With a modern design and contemporary facilities equipped with the latest technology, the beach club offers everything from chic cabanas, beach lounges, casual dining and a sparkling pool to a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. Designed by Jenlin Chia and her team at Oldfield Knott architects, the selected collections include VONDOM’s Adan tables and stools by Teresa Sapey, Vertex chairs by Karim Rashid as well as the Frame & Faz Collection’s sun chaises, lighting and stools by Ramon Esteve. Matisse Beach Club is an exclusive mecca of glamour, light and fluid cool. Offering chic cabanas and beach lounges nestled by sparkling aqua pools, you can gather your friends to sip a cocktail while lounging and dipping your toes, or yourself, in the water."
That is so cool. I love the design.
I like the pool room designs, but I would be afraid for them to over use that single shape, they shouldn't be afraid to branch out a little bit!
The design of the pool lounges is insane
@caricakes the shape of the poolside rooms is really cool; ive never seen anything like it! is the info from a magazine?