Most Effective Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Completely removing bed bugs no matter how well you’re prepared is something that can only really effectively be done by Toronto bed bugs heat treatment professionals.
Depending on the level of treatment you need; prices can vary. Talk to our experts as they recommend that as soon as you detect bed bugs as we can begin treatment and prepare correctly. Heat treatment, as we mentioned previously, is the most effective method to effectively manage these pests. For example, we can use a hot box that’s designed to provide a sustained level of heat to kill bedbugs. We can place everything from bags to blankets and shoes in the box. We can also implement a specialized dryer that can help the heat penetrate the smallest crevices that are difficult to inspect. Our system maintains the temperature above 115f as this helps eliminate all bedbugs in regardless of their life cycle.

If you believe you have a bed bug infestation contacting Toronto bed bugs heat treatment specialists, we will help you remove bed bugs from anywhere in the area as they can hide in any small crevice even in nail indentations.

Bed bug heat treatment process

Feel free to give us a call for a quote. There is no obligation on your end. 
You can schedule an appointment for an inspection. 
We will inspect your home or office. In doing so, we have a better idea of the level of infestation and how to treat it. 
We will let you know about how you can prepare beforehand for the heat treatment. 
We take around 5 hours to complete the heat treatment. 
We will return in two weeks for a follow up visit.
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