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Today my family had to take down two huge trees that have been growing in our backyard since I was a baby. The crew that was in charge of the trees found this nest at the top of our pine tree, brought it down carefully, and put it in my peach tree. I thought it was sweet that even though I lost two trees, life really goes on!
Same thing happen to my family too almost 5 years ago. I was sad when our trees was finally gone, but now I still get to see the birds outside the backyard in the bushes singing everyday and it makes me smile, but I still will have memories of the beloved trees. Cute birds nest btw! :)
@takebanee82 Life always finds a way! @onesmile Yeah, I'm interested in this filter as well. I really need to download VSCO! Thanks for sharing @caricakes
Do you know what filter you used foe this one? haha I really love this camera app! Its awesome that they were careful enough to move the nest over!