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Dumbledore Quotes - Why on earth should that mean it isn't real?
Just because we imagine that something is so, or that something can be so, why does that mean it cannot be so? It doesn't! Our imagination is the root of what we can achieve.
I love this quote!!! I think it might be my favorite of all time from dumbledore :) Something about the idea that anything we imagine might come true is so inspiring.
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@timeturnerjones Yes, it is! Dumbledore always has a way of pointing out that the impossible is entirely possible~
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This is the quote I see the most fanart of out of all the Dumbledore quotes!! Myabe its his most memorable? I feel like Rowling really knew how impactful it would be, and how great it would sound on screen!
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@onesmile I can definitely tell that this is a line that either A) came to her like magic or B) she spent countless nights trying to create it
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