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Instant film is all the rage with teens fed up with digital but it won't be cheap unless you get yourself a Lomo Instant. Coming soon in 2015.
@hunahuna It's got the same film and exposure, which is at one speed and bulb mode. @dillonK better save up for the film, it ain't cheap.
@caricakes Well...that attachment is like $200, plus the expensive price of the film. I think you can get an old Kodak camera off eBay for cheaper than $200!
@Benard Well shucks, I'll go discount hunting if I really want to get into it. When someone is going to just start producing cheap instant film again?!
@pipeline Film or analogue photography will only get more expensive and for some reason, the Instax Mini print has stayed relatively the same n terms of cost and pricing in the last 5 years. You can only get it cheaper when you buy at bulk.
I'm excited for when there is finally an add-on for smart phones to print instant film!
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