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8 Pet-friendly Places to Stay During Your Vacations

The thrill of walking down the bustling streets in unknown cities while immersing yourself in a native culture increases tenfold with four-legged furry companions by your side. However, plenty of hotels or resorts refuse to welcome pets on their premises, thus forcing countless vacationists to alter their travel plans. Pet lovers often consider their furry friends as a part of the family and it seems quite unacceptable for them to leave these pawsome creatures behind. In case you are a pet parent desperate to take a vacation with your furry kid, book your air-tickets with EaseMyTrip and visit these places with your pet.

Presa Di Goa Country House, Calangute

Located at a distance of 20.2 km from the Goa International Airport, this Indo Portuguese hotel is sprawled in a 3500 square meter country estate. Enveloped by swaying coconut palms and tropical landscapes on all sides, your pet can comfortably relish the perks of an outdoor swimming pool and air-conditioned rooms. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a massage or soak in the beauty of a scenic garden and a spacious library. For convenience, there is a free shuttle service that can help you reach Baga and Calangute beaches.

Emerald Trail, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

At an altitude of 7000 ft, somewhere in Jangalia Gaon, you will find an enchanting homestay that will embrace your pets with open arms. At a distance of 9 km from the infamous Bhimtal Lake, this wooden cottage is an ideal destination that lets you lay off from the hubbub of city life and enrich yourself with some vacation goodness in the heart of nature. Here you can go trekking or just sit on the patio and enjoy the sight of vegetation with mountains of Kumaon Valley in the backdrop, while your dog plays with other pet guests in the three-acre estate.

Woods Villa Resort, Jaipur

If you are looking to unwind for a few days in a place that exudes a farmhouse-like ambience and lets your pet settle in as well, head on the Agra road, approximately 5 km far from the city, and reach Woods Villa Resort. There is a 200 seater presentation hall that will let you host business meetings and later on relax in one of the 10 private rooms or an outdoor swimming pool. Also, there is a banquet hall that makes it a perfect location for an intimate destination wedding.

The Dune Eco Village & Spa, Keelputhupet

Pondicherry is a top-shelf target on every travel enthusiast's list. The naturistic views that emit tranquillity and comfort - what's not to love? Besides that, your pet also gets to leisure around in this oasis of peace and harmony. The ideal spot for the amalgamation of diverse cultures and ideas, this place is a harbour for AIR ( Artists In Residence ) and people looking to enrich in the benefits of Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation. Here restaurants serve the food coming straight from organic farms and a 700 m wide sea-front invites people to stay in this 35-acre beach hotel.

Elgin Hotels & Resorts, Darjeeling

Wishing for a time travel machine to experience the grandeur of the summer palace used by Maharaja of Cooch Behar that dates back to 1887? Head on to The Elgin in Darjeeling. The Victorian décor with the extensive panels, pillars, and chandeliers in this hotel adds to its royal glory and elegance. The exquisite rooms have slanted roofs, Burma teak flooring, wooden walls, and king-sized beds. Apart from that, you and your furry companion get to unravel in the richness of all modern amenities and play a grand piano.

Bull’s Retreat, Rishikesh

Imagine walking down a scenic path that leads to the banks of the holy river Ganga - sounds like the perfect activity for a pet family, doesn't it? This resort situated on the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway is surrounded by trees that are more than 100 years old and is overlaid with the gorgeous pink Bougainvillea. Col. Narinder Bull Kumar’s home is on the edge of the Bhagirathi Circle forest reserve and has 18 air-conditioned rooms for their guests to settle in. You get the chance to indulge in adventures like white-water rafting, mountain biking, and Ganga zipline.

Rococco Ashvem, Ashvem Beach

An essential part of the pristine North Goan grace, Rococco Ashvem is situated at the Ashvem beach in Mandrem. A private beach, a free yoga session, 26 double beach lodges, sunset lounge bar, exterior corridors - You name it, they have it! As marvellous as it sounds, the location is also in the vicinity of Arambol, Baga, Ashvem, and Morjim beaches along with Chapora fort and Ravalnath Temple. At a distance of 60 km from the Goa International Airport, this place is a perfect spot for a blissful stay in a sea-view room with your pet.

Our Native Village, Hessarghatta, Bangalore

Unable to find enough time to hop down to Goa or Manali? You might want to check out this amazing 100% eco-friendly resort in the Hessarghatta region of Bangalore. The dining hall is flooded with vegetarian and vegan food choices while the rooms have indigenous art forms painted as murals. All the toiletries used are made from organic components and the atmosphere radiates a rustic and earthy vibe. Additionally, you get to savour the benefits of a chemical-free swimming pool and an ayurvedic spa. In short, a wholesome place to turn off city life and tune in with Mother Nature.

In case you have any reservations about taking your pets along on a relaxing vacation, contact EaseMyTrip flight ticket booking app and confirm all the benefits for yourself. After all, who would not like to take a break with these adorable furry creatures?