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Featuring him as called "The Standard Man" in L'officiel Homes Korea issued last May 2014. He's handsome not only outside but in the inside too.:-) <3
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wee. . .my dear @wondergirl . . :-) I wondr why you say that and ur opinion to oppah LMH is a bit something . . . :-) really dnt knw but maybe u have some point in it.:-)<3<3<3 anyway thanks for coming in,:-):-):-) <3<3<3
just saying that LMH is more than Standard...he is Exceptional in every way :)
wew!!!:-) im pretty well agree to max level my dear pretty @wondergirl. . . thumbs up !:-)<3<3<3 thanks thanks again 4 we've share in common :-)<3<3<3
always looking like a prince..wait a minute he is my flower prince lol..
those exotic eyes, dimple,smile, teeth, facial,, heights ext. just kills me lol.. I wish i can tell him to get more on his abbs (six pack) he is going to burn the road with that pack...anyways doesn't matter i love him no matter what...thanks to everyone who love him as much as i do. I think i love him more then anyone else. lol..I couldn't stalk him because i don't know how to use computer much. Having him in my heart is making happy everyday already, can't expect more, It be nice to get a chance to meet him just once...but...