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Even though I've never been what you can call a hard-core comic fanatic, Calvin and Hobbes was forever my favorite comic strip. So when I saw the strips name in headlines again, I got curious. Turns out the author "guest drew" for another strip called "Pearls." I love this! Even in the strip someone is "guest drawing" for someone else, which makes this whole thing one level cooler.
These are great!! I love when comic strips are self aware, haha!
@onesmile that's the main reason it cracked me up--not only was a visiting artist working on the cards but it was really obvious!
@timeturnerjones Exactly~~~ I think my favorite part is the one with the alligatoes because its mocking the original artist so playfully!
@onesmile The alligatoes? lol XD. I dont think alligators have toes! But I agree, it is the best strip