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I kept going back to watch the other two videos, so I found volume 3! This never gets not-funny, though I am wondering how he manages to make the same foolish errors so dang often.... Here ya go @happyrock I know you get a kick out of these. Try not to do what he does at 3:00 to any of us watching nearby...
@mcgraffy awesome!!! cant wait to see them ^^
@fallingwater he's got plenty more so ill share them as well haha
@mcgraffy just seeing it now and wow hahahahah!! I love watching him make mistakes :)
@happyrock not at all....yeah I think they just wanted to share some extra footage that way, haha. @fallingwater have tou seen this yet?
@mcgraffy Lol! He really never gets any more careful, does he? I'm not sure why that whole section of him with a dolphin was included, though, other than to laugh at him pretending to be a dolphin. It wasn't really a blooper lol