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Common name: Round whitefish (not Atlantic whitefish, though they look similar), round fish, frost fish Native. ID: Small mouth, long cylindrical body, 2 dorsal fins, 1 adipose fin. Rare. Life cycle: Common in all but Lake Erie. Once widespread, but now few have caught or eaten them. Spawn in gravel beds in early November. Males and females do not eat before spawning, and then leave the eggs by themselves until they hatch in April. Predators: Lake trout. Atlantic salmon. Menominee eggs are often eaten by bullheads, yellow perch and white suckers. Eat: small eggs, insect larvae, lake trout eggs, small clams, snails.
@happyrock I'm not too sure but really I think maybe theyre just shy haha. less common than one time but mostly because there's more fish
@mcgraffy like I said, I've never even heard of them. any idea why they disappeared?
@happyrock they used to be much more common, but they're pretty rare now. I don't know many people who have caught em.
I have never even heard of this fish. Are these really still around in the great lakes region? @mcgraffy