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Common name: Atlantic Salmon, Non-native. ID: Narrow tongue. 4 to 6 teeth. Dark pectoral fins. Forked tail. Two dorsal fins, 1 adipose fin. Life Cycle: Spawn in their parent streams. The female digs a next near a pool and lays eggs, covering them, during fall. When the eggs hatch in April they stay under gravel until May or June, and then stay in the area for 1 or 2 years until they are big enough to go to the lake. They later return to spawn once they are bigger. Some Atlantic Salmon live to spawn more than once. Prey: Crustaceans, smelt, alewives, any other small fish meal. Predators: Eels, Northern Pike, Birds, Trout. Where to find them: In spring, they will be in surface warm waters. In summer, they retreat to deeper cooler waters until they move to spawning grounds in the fall.
@mcgraffy I thought so! Seem like pretty common fish up there.
@happyrock yes they are--most of the lakes have em
These are pretty heavily fished in superior, right? @mcgraffy