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Anything called a gitzit has to fish good, right? Okay, I know that's not a good rule, but in this case I think it works. This tube lure does well if you texas jig with with a 1/8 ounce weight with a split shot a bit up on your line to get it the right presentation. You can use lighter colors to imitate minnows, or darker for crawfish, depending your conditions and location. People once thought that tube lures were only good for bedding fish, specifically bedding bass, but actually, this isn't the case. You can break out the tube lures from when the waters ready 60 degree onward, and in the right conditions, you'll be getting bites. Forget about the "rules" of tube lures, and use this like any worm or soft plastic, and you'll be getting just as many, if not more, bites. For more tube tips, check out image #3 above.
And is there a reason this shape seems to work? @mcgraffy
Is there a certain color of these you've found luck for summer bass with?