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Shunji over hears Kangto and after goes back to his office to open up the note written by Mokdan. Shunji is shocked that Kangto wants to save Mokdan.. He says... could it be that Gaksital is..... KANGTO?!?! He refuses to believe it... But he looks back on all the times that Gaksital was present, Kangto wasnt and starts to wonder.. Shunji says to the chauffeur to look at Kangto 24 hours to make sure that he isnt Gaksital, for sure.... Ooo what's going to happen??? The circus elder is laying in bed after he endured the cage of spikes. Shunji comes to see the elder, alone. The elder asks, what more do you need from me? Kangto will come to visit the elder tonight, he wants him to look after kangto, elder asks why. Because shunji has asked. The elder thinks its ridiculous. Shunji says the elder must or else he will make the circus folk be in pain, one by one. Shunji gives the elder some medicine and leaves. Kangto comes earlier than expected. Shunji was just on his way out but he sneaks into a room. Kangto enters the elders room. Kangto says he caught Mokdans dad trying to blow up the conference. He needs to know the whereabouts of mokdan so that she doesn't get hurt. Kangto begs for his help. Elder tells kangto, but outside the stupid evil bad circus girl overhears. Shunji gives the circus girl money as she informs him. Kangto drives away. Shunji goes to report what he knows to his father. Inside the room is Hongju, her guard and kimura is there too. He's shocked because he saw her with Kangto at the club. Shunji wants to know what she wants with Kangto. Kimura says dont be rude. Shunji asks why she called for him. She said since kimura is in no position to make decisions now, she called for shunji for capturing Gaksital. Hongju has explained to Shunji that there will be a new japanese order, for the sake of Japan. They cheers and drink. After receiving orders from the commander in chief, the police come into the town to regulate and post signs of warrants. Kangto goes to baekkon and explains that he is thinking about meeting with mokdan. Baekkon advises him to be careful and gives him something in a sack. The chauffeur has appointed a man to look after Kangto. In the town, the chauffeur regulates the townsfolk and paints anyone that has white clothing like gaksital. Kangto sees violence while driving and drives off.... In comes Gaksital to save the day!! The villagers spray the police with black ink. and gaksital runs off again.. They go back to the office and Shunji is shocked to see them inked and hears about gaksital. Shunji goes to the torture chamber and only mokdans father is there. Shunji is wondering why Kangto isnt down there.. Shunji asks his apprentice where Kangto is. The apprentice asks the person thats supposed to look after kangto 24 hours, but he has failed. In the bathroom, Kangto puts on the ointment that baekkon gave him in the sack. Kangto is leaving the bathroom when, next to him is Hongju's apprentice. The apprentice notices a slight red residue from him washing his hands.... kangto says, oh my, my bloody nose. Kangto starts to follow him out of the bathroom... The apprentice goes into room 501. Kangto takes note and leaves. Shunji calls kangto into his office. They sit. Stare. Shunji puts a key on the table, the key to their house. Kangto pockets it. He says he should sleep at home,not at the office. Shunji says, how about we catch mokdan first, before gaksital. Kangto says she must have already left, Shunji says, are you sure? Shunji says, there's no way, Shunji says for Kangto to look for mokdan and search their circus, through and through. Kangto notices something fishy about Shunji... does he know something?? Shunji and kangto go down to interrogate mokdans dad. Shunji asks how to find Gaksital. He replies, by giving chosuns ground back to its rightful owner. That's how you find Gaksital. He gets hit by Shunji. He gets whipped by Shunji over and over again. Shunji tells Kangto to interrogate Mokdans family, even if it means death. At the village, mokdan is passing by when some officers call her out, she starts to run. Kangto sees her and goes after her. She runs into Kangto and gets caught, only to be struck by a villager. She gets away. Kangto is back at Shunji's office. Shunji is disappointed that she wasnt caught. He puts the cloth with writing on the table. Kangto wonders how this got in his hands. Shunji says "if we catch mokdan, we catch Gaksital" Shunji is furious and explains taht he saw gaksital holding hands with Mokdan and is furious. He says the one that gave the dagger to mokdan was gaksital. Shunji says he's going to kill Gaksital. Kangto notices its 3oclock, and he needs to go meet mokdan... Mokdan explains the situation to the wanted rebels and says she will go alone. They ask her to be careful. Mokdan passes by Hongju at the club entrance. Hongju walks back inside because she has spotted her. Once at the club, mokdan calls elder circusman and assks how they are. The truth is the circus people are held at gun point, and mokdan is approached by hongju. Hongju fights mokdan and beats her up!!! Mokdan fights back but ends up being pinned to the ground. Shunji is watching the clock to see how kangto will move. He awaits for kangto to leave and instead asks for a meeting with him in the office... Shunji informs kangto that they've got mokdan. they will catch them at 6 as she will be at the club. Kangto says thats amazing, how did you figure that? Shunji says, i am a leader, i plan well. Kangto says, thats great. Shunji says watch carefullly. Shunji thinks he's got kangto! Lets see how kangto will turn this around... They have a meeting at a big table. Shunji explains that they will capture Mokdan, and if possible, they should try to catch Gaksital, if possible. Shunji thinks to himself, if Kangto really is Gaksital, Gaksital will come out tonight, for sure. He tells his apprentice to be ready. Shunji gets a call from Hongju saying she's got something of importance. Shunji says, whats that? She says the daughter of the prison. Shunji says to let her go. So that he can execute his plan of capturing Gaksital. Shunji shouts to let her go. Hongju says, okay but if you fail this time, the fault is all on you Shunji. Mokdan says who are you? What do you want with me? Hongju says, goodbye, see you again soon. Mokdan leaves. While kangto is in the torture room, Shunji and his squad leave. Kangto is coming up with a plan using the prison. Kangto is followed by the one that is supposed to look after him 24 hours. Mokdan waits in the secret room behind the club. Theres a knock on the door. It's the serviceman but wait, kangto is in a car and driving to where??? It's 6:15 and kangto starts to drive faster... Kangto comes in and shunji points a gun at kangto. HE says hello Gaksital!" OMG!!!! End of episode 15**
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