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--------------------- Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) - TaeKang said Hello to baby Ankle. When he heard it's heartbeat, he dropped tears in spite of hisself. TaeKang got to know that the baby is girl. He was disappointed little bit cause he wanted to make his baby soccer > JiAn met Madam Jang.(CEO). Madam Jang : Why don't you meet me? JiAn : I disappointed you. Sorry... Madam Jang : Why do you say so? JiAn : I don't want to give up both of baby and company. You know... There is no one who know more about this company. The company need me. Please cut me some.. Madam Jang : Why do you say that company need you? Do you think that you are a mother of the company? NO! You are just a nanny. Always replaceable. > OMG ! JiAn's father called to TaeKang that he wanted to meet TaeKang's father! Hahaha JiAn's father wanted to marry his daughter with TaeKang. But he ignored TaeKang and his remark hurted TaeKang's father's feelings. They had a big fight!lol > Ma Siljang(director) asked about the annual event. Then, JiAn felt so sad. She felt deep affections for the company.. > TaeKang wanted to hang out but JiAn didn't want . He was disappointed. >Eunsung had a blind date what he didn't want. He pretended to be a mama's boy. But it didn't work. So he did make Omg she endured So Eunsung sent a text to TaeKang and called him. - TaeKang : How dare..! Do you want to meet another girl? Do you want to leave me? - EunSung : Honey..I'm so sorry... - The woman : What? What The...?? Hahahaha EunSung's plan was successful! >TaeKang recorded a fairy-tail for his baby. At the same time, JiAn was puzzled about what to do. She didn't want to leave her company but to protect TaeKang, she had to find an alternative. >TaeKang visited JiAn without any notice. JiAn was surprised but her tears flew down her face.. - JiAn : Hug me.. - TaeKang : ..? Are you okay? - JiAn : No... I just....I am okay... > JiAn met NaRi. - NaRi : So, you can't find an alternative. - JiAn : I can't find.. but I have time so I do my best to find a solution. And please don't say anything about it to TaeKang. - NaRi : Don't worry. > TaeKang asked about today's schedule to JiAn. - JiAn : I will go home early. Come to my home at 7.^^ Hahaha TaeKang looked so happy ! He planned a date:) At the same time, JiAn cooked a dinner for him and prepared a package to give him. She put the baby's shoes that she made inside of the package. >Before came to JiAn's home, TaeKang got to call from Sul daeri. JiAn wanted to make him happy but he was upset. - TaeKang : DId you submit your resignation? Did they something to you? Because you are single mom? Then, I will quit,too! I don't want to go to States! - JiAn : What? I did it because of y.... She got a call from office. > Leathers for shoes went to decay. NaRi wanted to save shipping cost so she used ship transport not avion. JiAn considered a countermeasure. They sold all leathers to bag companies. Especially, TaeKang is an eloquent speaker. He sold a > JiAn gave all her documents to NaRi. - JiAn : I made a similar mistake before but I learned from that. > TaeKang made shoes for JiAn and baby. He told to JiAn - TaeKang : In fact, I don't want to go to the States. At first, it was under the influence of anger.. Second, it was for you and baby Ankle. I want to be a shoe designer. But more than that, I want to stay next to you when your childbirth. I want to see baby's growth. That's more import. > Next morning! JiAn and TaeKang wore a couple look(same tie and same suit) and stayed in the lobby. People were agitated by the news! Wow TaeKang's father,too! They wanted to show their relationship from now! What's going on?? =========================== EP 15 is over! I was surprised that TaeKang didn't go to the States. I missed my tips ! Just one EP left. Can you guess the ending of this lovely drama? EP 15 Live Recaps : Screencaps 1 : Screencaps 2 : Screencaps 3 : Screencaps 4 : Screencaps 5 : Screencaps 6 : EP16 PREVIEW : EP16 LIVE RECAPS
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@illiyya Here is the link of their same dress *_*
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