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I've recently started to listen to A-Prince's music... and I think I'm falling in love with them!!! they are all so charming *swoon* Here's a brief introduction for those who are less in the know! A-PRINCE is a South Korean boy group with five members under NEW PLANET Entertainment and currently preparing for their debut in July 2012. Three of A-PRINCE’s members – Sung Won, Tae Hyuk & Min Hyuk – had pre-debut activities as a group called TAKEN which released their pre-debut single “Only One” and music video “Young Boy” on November 3rd, 2011. TAKEN was originally a six member group, but Yoo Jun – one of the lead singers – left the group in January 2012. Member Tae Hyuk left the group in March 2012 and returned to the group not long afterwards. Members Seung Yul and Geon Woo left TAKEN around March 2012. TAKEN originally debuted under the company Again45 Entertainment, but the remaining three members changed to NEW PLANET Entertainment in spring 2012.
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but taehyuk is not in A-prince anymore.. they have an new member called woobin!!! (their new maknae)