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Wow, wow this dish was absolutely delightful, the spice and seasoning was perfect!! My taste buds screamed a little b/c I added more crushed pepper and siracha sauce but it was worth it!! (*_*)
@cheerfulcallie no worries sister! Thanks for telling us now :) I wouldn't have thought there was oyster sauce in there, huh! Looks so tasty!!
This looks so tasty @cheerfulcallie ! It looks like my favorite kind of dish haha. What kind of recipe and seasoning did you use for this? I'd love to learn how you did it!
I don't like spicy but I'd give it a go!
wow this look good. .
@onesmile @nokcha sorry for the late replies....for this dish i seasoned it with soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce and optional i added sriracha sauce to give a kick of spiciness but some ppl also add in slices of jalapeno instead...ill look for a vid from YT to show how this dish is made and everyone does make their dish slightly different according to how you like it
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