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@cheerfulcallie am i right? haha
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@Goyo <---- not naming names but some other person has kept my morning busy too, *cough*...lolz... heyyy, what can I say? I got lots of awesome friends I need to write back too, (*_*)
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hey im flattered you need your morning chat with me to get you started lmao @cheerfulcallie @goyo for me it depends on if I'm off that day. if I work roll out of bad and take bob with me to the bathroom lol
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@mrjockX are you saying you sit on the john while chatting with me? (O.o)...i hope you washed them hands, hahhaha!!!!
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Haha I never said that. @cheerfulcallie besides taking you to the kitchen is enough of an adventure for you
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@mrjockX then i commend u my friend. I think those 2 hours are the best 2 hours of the day lol trust me nothing better than feeling like a sloth lol
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