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Shore Shells and Stones
When we arrived in Jeju, the first thing we wanted to do was find a beach--so we headed out to do just that! The water was pretty cold as it was still early May, but we took off our shoes and walked along the shore anyways. My friend found these stones and shells in the sand, and held them out for me to photograph. Doesn't the red stone look like a heart? ================================== Photographer: Me Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
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also love to pick up stones :) dont know what to do with them :D then i have placed them to aquarium
3 years ago·Reply
@YulikGuler I usually keep mine in bowls around my room! They're a nice reminder of where I've been
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@hikaymm yaaa , i saw a carpet made in from stones , used in bathroom , they was glued to smt and looks very freaky
3 years ago·Reply
@YulikGuler wow, yeah! Stone floors can be really cool!
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