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Tonight I made nam khao for dinner which is a Lao/Thai dish that's eaten like a lettuce wrap with assortment of herbs. It was extremely tedious and time consuming to make but it was worth every bite, yummy!!
@onesmile it wasn't complicated but time consuming b/c you have to season the rice, mesh and shape the rice into small round balls then deep fried, once thats done then you break them apart and season it again...sounds and look simple but its not, theres a lot of other prep work that goes into this dish....ill share a vid if you are a interested in seeing the process done.
Yum again!!! You're always making me hungry @cheerfulcallie . What was so time consuming about making this? Is the recipe complicated??
sis soooo hungry .....
I'm planning trip to Laos soon. I hope to try that, it looks delicious!
@cheerfulcallie Wow, yeah, that is a lot of steps! I've seen some similar procedure, but I've never met anyone who actually makes it themselves before lol so I was curious to hear from you how you like to do it :) Thanks!!