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Bringing down construction costs using TMT bars

Steel possesses high strength making it a vital element for any civil or construction work – right from construction buildings to making automotive spare parts and other manufacturing parts stell products such as steel rods, concrete reinforcements, steel sheets etc are irreplaceable.
They provide strength, durability and longevity to any construction structure they are used in. This high demand has led to a further increase in the already expensive steel price in India. This has eventually impacted the overall cost of construction. However, with the introduction of TMT bars (TMT bar full form is Thermo mechanically treated steel) and their unique properties of high tensile strength, increased ductility, elongation results in less consumption of steel reducing the overall construction costs.


TMT bars play a critical role in the construction industry. Apart from ensuring the high durability and enhanced longevity of the structures they also offer higher tensile strength and have a higher elongation value that translates into lesser steel for the same amount of construction as compared to an ordinary steel rod. TMT bars are also known to bring down the cost of raw material due to ease of transportation and storage.

Reduced Quantity Require: Due to the high tensile strength of TMT bars, they possess more strength than ordinary steel bars. So, to gain the same strength, a lesser quantity of TMT bars will be required as compared to regular steel bars leading to reduced raw material, reduced transportation costs, and reduced storage. Less steel translates into lower expenditure on steel.

Reduced labour: Due to their malleable properties, TMT bars are easier to weld as compared to ordinary steel bars. This means they can be manipulated to achieve any desired shape and welded without any pre or post-heat treatment – this leads to easier handling by labour onsite, reducing the effort needed onsite – all these things translate into reduced costs.

Reduced Maintenance Cost: TMT bars possess unique corrosion-resistant features with greater bonding strength allowing them to stay robust and last longer in adverse climatic conditions without decaying or rusting. High costs are not incurred to maintain and repair TMT rods in saline, topical, hot or cold climates making the return of investment attractive.

High protection: TMT bars possess the capability to protect structures against natural calamities. They can withstand severe earthquakes due to their high ductility and enhanced elongation capabilities - they stay intact. Due to the longevity and negligible requirement to replace and repair the buildings, these end up being cost-effective.

The ductility, high tensile strength, and elongation of TMT bars have equipped builders to extensively use good quality raw materials without making any compromise on the quality of construction structures and ensuring lower construction costs.