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A Glimpse of a Beautiful Moment

The voice of Luther Vandross singing "Dance with my Father" keeps sounding on my mind. I have never get bored listening to this beautiful song or it's rather a heartbreaking one for me. I know only certain people can feel this song but this is my number 1 song. I was in the car with my dad this afternoon,taking him to an internist. He's got serious ill for these 2 years. While sitting in the car,the song resound in my mind. It threw me back to many years ago while I was kid. I believe it was my most happiest moment in my life. I played with my dad & my mom. I slept with them. I laughed with them. I sang with them. Most of the times were spent together. My mom got angry,but my dad pacified. My mom said "no" ,on the other hand he said "sure". I really enjoyed those moments. However, time flies by. We never know what is goin to happen in the future. We can plan,but God has another plan, which up to now I'm still trying to understand His plan. For some reasons, we couldn't be together anymore. The reasons that I couldn't agree but couldn't do anything too. Nothing but pray and cry. Now,everything has changed but my dad is still the same man I love. This song can perfectly portray my feeling for that man.
Great share! Like @onesmile said, the story is really touching. I personally really enjoyed the reflection on both your happiest memories, ans also how that has changed. Thanks for joining in! Be brave, we all like your writing :)
@moya23 Sometimes the story just wants to be told I guess :) Thank you for sharing even if you were nervous too!! I might try to write a few things as well, maybe hehe ><
@moya23 indeed, beautiful things that we need to write, keep and remember :)
:) thanks all. We just need practice...I think. Our memories are precious things.
@onesmile: Yup! Actually,I'm a bit shy,not confident sharing this story. But, I cant stop my fingers working on it.