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SBS has fallen into a dilemma over the popular drama A Gentleman’s Dignity. Despite enjoying viewership ratings over 20 percent, the highly-rated drama is in danger of temporarily having to hold off airing its new episode until after the 2012 London Olympics. After already deciding to temporarily suspend the airing of its dramas on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the primetime 10 p.m. slot to make way for the London Olympics, A Gentleman’s Dignity may also follow suit and not air in its weekend night slot. A representative for SBS said, “With SBS broadcasting the Olympics, A Gentleman’s Dignity’s is being contemplated to possibly suspend broadcasting beginning next week.” If a broadcast suspension is confirmed, it’s likely this weekend’s 17th and 18th episode will air as usual and then the remaining two episodes will not air until the second week of August. Src: Enewsworld
SBS should make it on air coz the momentum is so good now!
Is this for sure?
well, we'll just have to wait.. it's disappointing but we can't do anything about it....
andweeee... we want agd, please PD-nim :(
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