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Very Cute~!
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For a lady,this car is 'ultra-chic'! I like the mini cooper a lot,wish to get one soon.
5 years ago·Reply
me too!! wanna get one!!
5 years ago·Reply
@sarahphang5, donnakdw Mini is making a lot of concept cars these days... seems like they are going to have more models in the future~
5 years ago·Reply
I checked out a mini cooper recently,the interior reminds me of a BMW's interior. I just remember,BMW is Mini's parent company. Mini cooper S is one of the latest,isnt it?
5 years ago·Reply
@sarahphang5 there are many lines ups in mini. Not only Coopers, there are Countryman Clubman, and etc. But Mini Cooper S came out with new design in and out too~
5 years ago·Reply