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Do you know anything about sloths, except that they are slow moving? These slow moving creatures may not want to snuggle with you, or be your favorite animal, but in Costa Rica, at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, full-time employees and volunteers work to help care for injured and rescued sloths. The center works to help and protect two different species of sloth, the two-fingered and the three-fingered, and through their efforts have been able to make a great impact on the animals. Additionally, they aim to educated locals about the sloth. We all may know what a sloth us, but very few people know anything about the sloth! There are two different tours offered at the center: the Insider's Tour and the Buttercup Tour. The Buttercup tour includes a tour of the wildlife area, an optional jungle hike, a short documentary and a visit with the permanent sloth residents of the center, including Buttercup, the famous sloth! (really, you've seen her! Check out the first 2 images) The Insider's Tour includes the Buttercup tour, but also includes a more extensive tour, a meal, and more bonus features! All of the proceeds from these tours go towards purchasing food for the sloth residents of the center. It's also possible to stay for up to 2 nights at the center in one of the 6 bed-and-breakfast rooms. To find out more about staying at the center, check out this link: