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Shin Won Ho revealed the behind story of his friendship with miss A's Suzy. On July 17, actor/singer Shin Won Ho appeared on the KBS quiz show "1 vs. 100" and revealed how his friendship with Suzy bloomed. Shin Won Ho is currently playing the 16-year-old character Kang Kyung Joon in the KBS drama "Big" with co-stars Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Suzy from the idol group miss A. During his appearance on the quiz show, Shin Won Ho revealed, "Ever since my soul changed with Gong Yoo, there aren't any scenes where we film together. Lee Min Jung, on the other hand, is very cool and caring. And for Suzy, I told her I would treat her like an elder even though she is younger than me because she debuted earlier than I did." Shin Won Ho continued, "There was a scene where Suzy had to slap me. We had to keep re-doing the scene because Suzy couldn't find it in her heart to slap me hard enough. Eventually I got frustrated and blurted out 'Suzy just slap me hard.' After that we became really close." Cr:
So YOU are really close with Suzy,I hardly mind if she slaps some more!......hahaha