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When someone writes a letter, or more modernly, emails, they are taking part in the creation of a non-fiction text! Sure, it's possible to write a fictional story in a letter, but in many cases, letters are pieces of non-fiction which share some truth about the world. Letters--though not always called this--have been sent and shared for thousands of years. The transference of information has always been important, and until the invention of phones and the internet, the only way to do that was to sit down and write a letter. These letters have been sent in all different ways throughout the years: birds, planes, boats, on foot. There are many types of letters, all of which can be called non-fiction. An open letter is a letter to the public usually written to expose, praise or criticize some public policy or event that has been happening. A letter to the editor is usually written to a newspaper or magazine editor, expressing opinion about an issue presented in a previous issue, or raising an issue they have related to the publication's topics. There are sales letters, informal letters, letters of business, letters of credit, letters of intent and thanks: the possibilities with a letter are endless. Really, any words that you put on a page and send can become a letter. For that letter to be nonfiction the pieces written in the letter must be true: you cannot write a fictional story within a letter, mail it to someone, and call it fact. Instead, for a letter to be non-fiction, everything inside must be your perspective on the capital T- Truth. Does anyone out there still enjoy handwriting letters?
O my God, it just reminds me my childhood when I was so in love with writing letters. The condition which my family and I had to move from one place to another (because of my dad's job) really support my writing hobby in this case writing a letter. I really loved the time when I couldn't wait for the postman brought the letters from my friends as reply to mine. I loved how my friend and I could tell everything we want, how we got crushed to someone :). I also love to collect the stamps and the cute letter set. I agree with Mr. Gregg, it's an art.... And now, the art of conveying our story to letters has faded by the technology :(.
@onesmile Its an art we must preserve! Keep writing, when you can!
go...go...go..... :D
@moya23 that's such a great way :) I remember writing a lot of notes and letters during my middle and high school days as well!! let's keep this art alive haha
@greggr ill try haha!! as long as I have nice stationary, I'll write letters~
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