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The rookie “idol” group C-Clown is finally unveiled. On July 18, there was C-Clown debut showcase at the Apgujeong-dong Yehall in Seoul and the new “idols” gave performances of its first EP titled Not Alone. Having comedian Lee Hyuk Jae hosting the event, the group sang passionately “In the Car” and “I’m not Alone,” announcing the birth of a rising rookie group. They greeted cheerfully, “Hello everyone, we’re C-Clown,” and the leader Rome said, “Before coming on the stage, we told ourselves to enjoy being on stage. We kept that in mind during our performances.” Member Kang Joon continued, “We’ve performed on a guerrilla stage, but I feel very nervous because it is our first official stage. This is the place where all of our hard work will be paid off, so I’m so looking forward to it.” Alongside the leader Rome, C-Clown is composed of five other members, and their names are Kang Joon, Ray, T.K., Ma Roo, and Shi Woo. Their agency is Yedang Entertainment which is known as the best company in the industry for releasing such famous singers as Lim Jae Bum and Guckkasten. The name C-Clown is an abbreviation for “Crown Clown” which literally means that the six members are yet clowns, but they are aiming to become the best and will earn a crown in the music industry with the best quality of music and performance. After the showcase, the boys will release the album and give debut performance on’s M Count Down on July 19 and begin their official activities. Source: Xportsnewscr: