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Since Sulli plays the role of a high school girl, who disguise herself into a boy, she cut her long hair short and showed off her charms as a pretty boy. The series is based on the Japanese comic book with the same title and it has already been made into a successful TV drama. Producer Jeon Gi Sang, who directed Boys over Flowers, will also direct the series and will make it into a must-see drama. Sulli and Min Ho made the audience eagerly anticipate the series with their similarities to the characters from the original comic book. After the photo shoot, Sulli said in an interview, “As soon as I was cast in the series I felt burdened but I also knew that I would do my best.” Mi Ho said, “I will portray different character that Oguri Shun played in the Japanese version of the series.” The pictorial will be included in the August issue of the magazine. Source: TV Report via
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