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SHINee’s Minho completely changed into a genius high-jump player. Minho was recently cast in SBS TV’s new drama series To the Beautiful You as a genius high-jump player. The series will start airing in August. Kang Tae Jun, the character Minho will be playing in the series, is a junior high-jump player who has the best record in Korea. To portray the character in detail, Minho took lessons from the former high-jump player Kim Tae Young from the Korea Athletics Federation. Because it’s been proved that Minho was good at sports through such variety shows as KBS 2TV’s Go, Dream Team, he could easily follow Kim’s lessons, according to reports. Indeed, Minho cleared 180 centimeters without beating the board, which is beyond the level of ordinary people. The production team says, “Minho showed his passion for portraying his character by perfectly jumping over the bar. Please look forward to the character Tae Jun Minho will be portraying.” Source: Starnews
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wow, he put in so much im so effort! im so happy that it all turned out well for him