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With the weather getting nice, a few friends of mine have been trying out hiking. So, I put together this list of some really basic hiking tips for your first attempts at hiking :) 1) Bring food and water! Bring some sort of snacks, but not junk food or candy. You want to get some nutritional value without weighing yourself down too much! And of course, water. Even if you know there is water available, bring some just in case! 2) Have a buddy! Don't go alone! Especially if you're going on trails you don't know, you never know if you will fall or get hurt, so going with a friend is the safest way to go. Plus, it's more fun! 3) Watch your feet (literally) There might be loose stones, dangerous animals, or other obstructions, so keep an eye on the ground in front of you, even if you only want to stare at the sky. 4) Know the trail This doesn't mean to not try new trails, but be aware of the level of the trail (advanced, intermediate, beginner) and its distance. Do a quick search online before hand so you're not caught somewhere you can't return from. 5) Start short Don't expect to be able to do a 15-mile day trip your first hike out--start small, and let your trips grow longer over time!
@TeamWaffles knowing the trail is more about knowing its difficulty level than anything else!
@YulikGuler awesome! Hiking is really fun, even just for fun on the weekends :)
@nokcha yaayy ok get it :) thank u
Water and a buddy are definitely essential. However, I would opt to have a satellite phone over knowing the trail. Sometimes you just want to get lost!
@happyrock thanks ! :) im learning hhehe
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